Here is where you will find some of the questions you may be wanting to ask us and the answers to them questions.

 What is the snipe method? and why do you need my personal information?

The snipe method is the safest method in which to transfer coins to/from your account without the risk of a ban, bare in mind this method although it is the safest it is still not 100% safe, more like 99% safe, their always comes a risk when selling/buying coins and FUT Coin Mover store does not take liability in the case of a ban. The snipe method involves us logging onto the suppliers web app on one device and the customers web app on another device, hence why we need your information, we will then list a card from are suppliers web app for much cheaper than what it is worth and snipe it on the customers web app for them then to sell it on at full price.For example a customer orders 500k we would find a card worth say 600k buy it on are suppliers web app and snipe it on the customers web app for 100k, then giving them a 500k profit when they re sell the card.

 How do i find my EA Origin Backup Codes?

EA Origin Backup Codes
We need your backup codes in order to bypass the 6-digit login verification code we login to your account.

How to find the codes:

1. Sign into your EA Origin account on Origin.com
- The email/password login is your FIFA web app login

2. Go to your account settings
- At the bottom left of the page hover over your username and go to "EA account and billing"

3. Go to your security settings
- Click "security"

4. Turn login verification ON

5. Click "View" next to where it says backup codes

6. Enter the 6-digit verification code EA will send to your email/phone, then the backup codes will show up on your screen
- There are 6 codes, make sure to submit all of them

It is recommended to refresh your backup codes before submitting them! Incorrect backup codes are a very common issue. Please make sure you submit valid codes.
Do we cover the 5% EA tax?


At this current time we will not be covering the 5% EA tax

 How long will it take for my order to be completed?

We always aim to have orders completed within 3 hours of being placed, however at times this may differ, if the order is going to take longer than 3 hours we will always make a tweet on are twitter if we plan to have a break or sleep etc